About us

Merit HP d.o.o. is a privately owned company established in 1993. Our core business is import and distribution of FMCG products and non-food goods in the Slovenian market. We represent internationally established brands of high quality, such as Bacardi, Martini, Grey Goose, S. Pellegrino, Chipita, Scotti, Mirabell, Samsonite and others.

We consider our great flexibility – in terms of a quick reaction time from order placement to direct delivery – to be one of the biggest advantages of our offer and business. We strive to provide our customers a complete service – from sales support and direct delivery to providing various marketing and POS materials. Successful cooperation with suppliers is handled by brand managers, who ensure recognisability and development of suppliers’ brands in Slovenia together with our marketing department.

We cover all sorts of customers, such as retail stores, HORECA segment, vending machines, shops, and cash and carry stores. We employ several sales teams: salespersons for the food and drink programme that use a direct order system to ensure the ordered goods arrive to the shelves in the shortest possible time; salespersons for sales promotion and sales in catering establishments; and salespersons for Ölz programme that employ direct sales to ensure short shelf life products from the fresh Ölz programme reach the shelves in the shortest possible time. Sales of baby food Milupa in pharmacies and hospitals is managed by a special team of experts that uses their knowledge and experience to familiarise the lay and professional public with the most recent developments in the field of infant nutrition. 

Merit HP d.o.o.
Letališka street 3C
1000 Ljubljana, SI-Slovenia
Phone: (+386) 01 548 36 20
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Email: info@merit-hp.si
URL: www.merit-hp.si

e-shop: www.merit.si